March 26, 2024

Preparing for your Upcoming Session

Prep Guides

Let's Chat! :

We will discuss the details of the photo session at booking, including the date, time, location, and any specific requests or preferences you have.

Ask about the style of the shoot and what you should expect in terms of poses, props, and wardrobe.

Determine the Purpose and Vision:

Clarify the purpose of the photo session and what you hope to achieve with the photos. Is it for personal use, professional headshots, family portraits, etc.?

Share your vision with me! I wanna see your Pinterest boards, screenshots etc!

Choose Your Outfits:

Select clothing that reflects your personal style and the mood you want to convey in the photos.

Avoid clothing with busy patterns or logos that may distract from the main subject (you!).

Coordinate outfits with others if it's a group or family photo session, ensuring a cohesive look without being too matchy-matchy. I am happy to go through your options to ensure everyone looks and feels their best!

Grooming and Hair/Makeup:

Plan your grooming routine in advance, including haircuts, shaving, or any other grooming needs.

Consider getting your hair and makeup done professionally for a polished look, especially for special occasions or professional headshots.

Pack Essentials:

Prepare a small bag with any essentials you may need during the photo session, such as touch-up makeup, hairbrush, tissues, and snacks or water for breaks. I always have my "Oh S*** Kit" on deck with similar items but bring anything you feel you will need.

Arrive Early and Relaxed:

Plan to arrive at the photo session location a little early to allow time to relax and get comfortable. This helps kiddos get their wiggles out!

Take a few deep breaths. I'll take care of the rest

Enjoy the Experience:

Relax, have fun, and enjoy the experience of being in front of the camera. We are going to have a BLAST!

By following these steps, you can prepare effectively for your photo session and ensure you get beautiful, memorable photos to cherish.