March 28, 2024

Small Business Spotlight: Ultimate Entertainment

Small Business Spotlights

Meet Dan + Erin!

In the dynamic world of events and entertainment, the convergence of music and visuals can elevate any gathering into an unforgettable experience.  The Rochester based, Dan Fischer and Erin Rich, bring their unique flair to the scene, crafting moments that resonate long after the last beat drops.

Known by his moniker "DJ Diesel," Dan Fischer embarked on his musical journey in 1997 amidst the vibrant pulse of Alexandria Bay's nightlife. Over the span of 25 years, Fischer honed his craft, mastering the art of seamlessly blending genres from Top 40 hits to EDM, Old School Hip-Hop, and Funk. His performances are not just sets; they're symphonies of energy that pulse through the crowd, leaving them exhilarated.

Dan's expertise extends beyond the DJ booth. With a background in technical theatre, he brings a theatrical sensibility to his lighting designs, transforming events into immersive spectacles. His extensive knowledge and confidence, influenced by luminaries like DJ Jazzy Jeff and Eric Prydz, shine through in every performance, creating an atmosphere that transcends the ordinary.

As a multifaceted artist, Dan embodies the ethos of making dreams a reality. Whether he's crafting custom mash-ups or orchestrating mesmerizing lighting displays, his dedication to perfection ensures that every event is an experience to remember.

In a traditionally male-dominated industry, Erin Rich, known as "DJ Rica," emerges as a beacon of talent and diversity.  Erin brings a fresh perspective and boundless enthusiasm to her craft. Her journey intertwines seamlessly with Dan's, their collaboration yielding harmonious results.

Erin's approach to DJing is rooted in authenticity and connection. Drawing from her own experiences, she infuses personal touches into her sets, ensuring that each event is tailored to perfection. Her innate musical intuition and magnetic personality captivate audiences, keeping them engaged and energized throughout the night.

Beyond her prowess behind the decks, Erin's fluency in Spanish adds another dimension to her repertoire, making her a sought-after choice for diverse celebrations like quinceañeras. Her versatility knows no bounds, seamlessly transitioning between roles as DJ, MC, and even graphic designer, ensuring that every aspect of the event is curated with care.

Individually, Dan and Erin are formidable talents, but together, they are an unstoppable force, uniting sound and light to create moments of pure magic. Their shared passion for music, coupled with their dedication to excellence, is exactly why my husband and I choose them to DJ our wedding. Dan and Erin made the entire process enjoyable, relaxed and organized (even during peek Covid craziness). They handled everything with such grace and made our day flow seamlessly. Dan even saved my life when I didn't notice my got caught on a stairwell. You truly cannot ask for more.

So, the next time you're looking to elevate your event to new heights, look no further than DJ Diesel and DJ Rica. With them at the helm, your dreams are not just possibilities—they're promises waiting to be fulfilled.